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Royan wire and cable manufacturing company

Having obtained the necessary licenses from the Ministry of industries and mines of Iran, Kasra Electric Mahan manufacturing company started its path in East Semnan industrial city located in Semnan upon the trade name Royan wire and cable in 1389

With the establishment of this company, we aimed to produce a variety of wires and telecommunication cables, professional control and instrumentation cables, coaxial, networking cables, transforming data for constructional, industrial, and business use, entrepreneurship throughout the area as well as doing our utmost to extricate Iran from relying on foreigners and to fulfill its essential needs to these products. Moreover, to support indigenous operatives, we have tried to utilize domestic production machines for our manufacturing process as far as possible.

Regarding the advancement of the quality of these machines’ function enhancement which can lead to improving the products in quality


High-quality product

In the case of producing professional products which require accurate machines, quality, and more standardization during the manufacturing process, we utilize overseas machines. Also, we use expert and educated managers as well as trained and professional workers with plenty of experience in the field of wire and cable manufacturing to ameliorate the product and enhance its quality.

Standard certificate

Royan wire and cable has currently succeeded to achieve the national standard certification of Iran regarding flexible wires and cables with the code ISIR (607)02, ISIR (607)06, ISIR (607)53, ISIR (607)52, high-voltage cables ISIR (3569) and inflexible cables with the code ISIR (607)10. This company has now an inclination for facilitating the settlement of quality management system to achieve an ISO 9001 license as well as a certification from Tavanir to verify electric wires and cable suppliers assessment.

Electricity meter

Electricity meter is a device that measures the amount of electric energy calibrated by kilowatt hour unit (kWh or joule).

Self-Supporting aerial copper Cable

This cable has a different structure and is inflexible and without any jelly as well.

Telecommunication cables

Telecommunication cables are produced in two different types: copper and optic. They are also used with two different approaches: aerial and terrestrial.

Nylon wire

Nylon wires or white double layer wires are two delicate wires sticked to each other.

Networking cables

Networking cables are similar to telephone cables, except for the fact that telephone cables have 2 or 4 wires.

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